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        Group introduction

        Nanfang Environmental Protection Group,founded in 1987, is a national high-tech enterprise, integrating environmental protection technology, equipment, engineering and service. The group consists of Guangdong Southern Environmental Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Middle-earth Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Middle-earth Environmental Protection Industrial Co., Ltd. and has a number of local management branch companies and offices.

        Our main businesses include malodor and VOCs control, sludge treatment, water environment management, environmental services and related environmental project investment. Our characteristic is to continuously research our own core technology and products, and provide a full range of services around the core technology,including but not limited to equipment, engineering, complete plant, maintenance, smart operations and investment. We have a group of senior personnel such as academicians of the academy of engineering, doctoral supervisors, researchers and senior engineers, who focus on the research and development of environmental pollution control technology and leading the improvement of the industry. With an advanced work environment, experimental facilities and a top-ranking modern manufacturing base.

        More than 60% of the company's employees have a bachelor's degree, and most of the core staff and management come from well-known universities in the industry. Guangdong Institute of Microbiology is a shareholder of the company and a technical support unit for environmental microbes. The Institute of Microbiology has nearly a 50-year experience in microbiology research and is one of the three major microbiology research institutes in China. At present,it has 1 academician of the Academy of Engineering, 59 researchers  and associate researchers. The State Key Laboratory for the Application of Microorganisms in South China has been established, with a first-class talent team and scientific research facilities and equipment.

        Based on independent scientific research and innovation, we also cooperate with many internationally renowned companies to introduce and promote advanced environmental protection technologies and equipment. We have already achieved proven sales achievement in Municipal, sanitation, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries. At the same time, with the project management and technical advantages accumulated over the years, the company has made great achievements in the design and complete set of sludge treatment system, general contracting and operation management of sewage treatment plant equipment.

        Innovation is not only a mission but also the foundation of technology companies, so that we spare no effort on it. We have undertaken the national "863" project, the "Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the "Guangdong-Hong Kong key areas key breakthrough projects", the "provincial industry-university-research project" and the provincial, municipal, district dozens of science and technology projects. We have won the first prize in "National Environmental Protection Science and Technology", "Guangdong Province Science and Technology", "Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Science and Technology" and other over ten national or provincial technology prizes. Further more, we have more than 20 national invention patents and utility model patents, over 20  high-tech products and over 30 qualifications.

        Taking "improve the living environment sincerely" as our mission, we make "sincere, initiative, synergy, innovation, hard work" as the core value. Adhering to the "professional, quality, sincere and efficient" business philosophy, we strive to become the leader in malodor and VOCs purification, the top-ranking provider of sludge and water environment management technology, and a distinctive environmental service provider and investor.

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